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10 country do s and dont s

10 Country Do's and Dont's


When we moved from the big city life to the mountains near Butte, Montana to realize a life long dream of opening the Fish Creek House B&B , I kept my eyes open and my mouth shut and and paid very close attention to other peoples botchery. Personally, Id really rather watch someone else screw up than have to do it myself.

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What follows are 10 lessons from my now I know better collection. Perhaps these lessons learned will ease your transition from the city to wilderness.

1. Know thyselves. If you are a couple who bickers over which way to hang the toilet paper roll, dont buy raw land.

The path from raw land to indoor plumbing is fraught with hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions. If you cant pull as a team over the little things, how will your relationship survive decisions like where to sink a well (that one can be worth, oh, $20,000), where to put the kitchen, do we buy or rent equipment, do we build a log house or glue it up out of egg cartons? We built hte log house to make our Bed and Breakfast dream come true.

We have several guys (one of our neighbors included) sitting around our county amidst their half-finished projects all by themselves because the little woman couldnt handle it and ran off mid-construction. On the other hand, we have another neighbor couple who knew that they werent cut out for the


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